About Elevar

Every community and person has intrinsic economic and social value. Accordingly, our entire investment focus is to capitalize entrepreneurs who create global systems access for disconnected communities.

The performance of our portfolio companies demonstrates that the connections formed between economically vibrant, yet disconnected communities and mainstream markets can deliver high economic returns.

Our Investment Approach

Elevar takes a thesis-led approach to identifying investment themes that draw heavily on grassroots community observations, macro market analysis and our own prior investing experience.

Our investment process begins with the identification of large, socially coherent but disconnected groups. Viewing these groups as large sources of untapped economic and social value, Elevar develops investment themes around specific products or services that can link disconnected groups to global systems, prioritizing opportunities based on the community’s expressed needs for specific essential products or services. Development of investment themes comes from a “bottom-up” understanding of the needs of clients and the relevant market space. Elevar’s investing is driven by specific requests from clients of existing portfolio companies with regard to the products and services that are needed by them. This is complemented by “top-down” research and analysis that encompass macroeconomics, nation level assessment and development oriented research.

We have seen through our investment results that community isolation is a condition best solved through access – access provided by entrepreneurial, high volume and low margin customer-focused business models. Our major investment themes thus far include: high growth commercial microcredit and community banking, remote payment services, small business credit, low-income housing services, rural healthcare and migrant worker services.

Our Track Record

Elevar manages 3 private equity funds and has backed 22 companies so far – at various stages of their growth. Elevar’s portfolio companies have served over 18 million clients and have mobilized over $7 billion in equity and debt capital for targeted communities.

In 18 of our 22 investments, our capital was the first institutional capital in the company. In 7 companies, we played a formative role in identifying client needs, defining the initial business plans and strategies alongside the founding management teams.

Our Values

We believe in building client-centric companies and investing for the long term.

We believe in the power of the market and see fundamental value in the connections formed between clients, communities, entrepreneurs and global networks and markets. We are inspired by execution-oriented entrepreneurs who are customer-focused and can innovate on the product and delivery channel.

Consequently, we invest in products and services that unlock the inherent economic and social value of disconnected communities to generate commercial returns.