Our Entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurs have clear vision, deep customer knowledge and know how to harness market forces to build lasting companies and foster economic development. They innovate to deliver ‘more for less’ and have a prior track record of building large scale retail businesses.

We have backed 24 companies across 7 countries who have introduced over a dozen essential services and served over 18 million clients.


Elevar‘s entry - 2016 Afluenta is a technology-enabled marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers, increasing access and affordability of financial services in Latin America.


Elevar‘s entry - 2016 SecureNow provides general insurance to SMEs with a technology enabled proposition that is core to its distribution and customer service.


Elevar‘s entry - 2015 Indifi is helping MSMEs thrive and grow, by providing a technology based platform to bridge the critical financing gaps faced by this segment.


Elevar‘s entry - 2015 Financiera TFC is a regulated financial institution in Peru focused primarily on financing low-income housing and micro and small enterprises in second and third-tier cities.


Elevar‘s entry - 2015 CreditMantri is building a data-driven, digital financial services marketplace for borrowers with varying credit profiles, primarily focused on those with negative or no credit history.


Elevar‘s entry - 2015 Samunnati provides financial services to supply chain verticals lacking access to capital primarily in the agri and allied activities sector.


Elevar‘s entry - 2014 FINAE provides education loans to low income and lower-middle income students in Mexico pursuing advanced studies.


Elevar‘s entry - 2013 Varthana provides infrastructure and project loans to help affordable private school entrepreneurs grow and improve their schools.

Aarusha Homes

Elevar‘s entry - 2011 Aarusha provides safe, well-priced, high value rental housing solutions to low income migrants in urban India.

Union Andina

Elevar‘s entry - 2011 Union Andina is an innovative company offering housing purchase and finance solutions to migrant workers from Latin America.

Glocal Healthcare

Elevar‘s entry - 2011 Glocal provides quality, affordable, patient-centric healthcare services to rural India.

Caja Rural Los Andes

Elevar‘s entry - 2010 Los Andes vision is to create a leading microfinance institution of scale, and the preeminent provider of financial services in Peru’s rural market.

Shubham Housing Finance

Elevar‘s entry - 2010 Shubham provides home improvement and new home loans to low income individuals and families in urban and semi-urban India.


Elevar‘s entry - 2010 GloboKasNet’s vision is to turn into reality the economic and social inclusion of any person, anywhere, without regard to distance or population density.

Vistaar Finance

Elevar‘s entry - 2010 Vistaar specializes exclusively in providing credit to rural and semi-urban small businesses.

Madura Microfinance

Elevar‘s entry - 2008 Madura is a highly efficient, customer focused microfinance institution that serves economically active, rural women in Tamil Nadu.

Ujjivan Financial Services

Elevar‘s entry - 2006, 2008 Ujjivan is one of the most respected and the largest urban-focused microfinance institution in India.

Swadhaar FinServe

Elevar‘s entry - 2008 Swadhaar focuses on providing services to the economically active poor in the city of Mumbai and other urban areas.

GramaVidiyal Microfinance

Elevar‘s entry - 2008 GramaVidiyal is one of the largest microfinance institutions in Tamil Nadu providing small loans to women without access to formal credit.

MokshaYug Access

Elevar‘s entry - 2008 MokshaYug Access is a rural supply chain management company that builds market linkages between rural communities and larger commercial markets with a focus on dairy.

Past Investments


SKS Microfinance is amongst India’s largest microfinance institutions lending to over 5 million women and is globally recognized as a leader in the industry. It is the only listed microfinance company in India (it went public in 2010). We led the series A investment in SKS.

Finsol Brazil

Finsol Brazil operates as a microfinance institution (MFI) reaching the vast number of micro-entrepreneurs living in the outskirts of cities around Northeast Brazil who have relatively little credit within their reach.

Comat Technologies

Access provider to essential information and e-governance services through 800 rural business centers distributed across Karnataka, India.


Credex serves low-income borrowers through individual productive loans in the poor urban and semi-urban areas and village banking in the rural areas of Mexico.