Esteban Gutierrez

Esteban Gutierrez Photo

Esteban joined Elevar in 2015 to focus on Latin American investments. He strongly believes in the immense potential that people in his home country, Colombia, and the rest of the continent possess and is enthusiastic about exploiting all of it. “Concrete and tangible actions which target the empowerment of disconnected communities will leverage hidden wealth.”

Prior to Elevar, Esteban worked for the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia as part of the team that issues local debt; this is where he developed an interest in financial markets. He is convinced about the importance of experiential learning and has coached and led teams across different geographies.

Esteban holds a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in Organizations and Financial Studies from Universidad de Los Andes. He is passionate about Colombia and has participated in excursions all around the country and the world interacting with and servicing local communities. He enjoys music, traveling and outdoor activities.