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Akanksha MittalInvestment Associate

Akanksha joined Elevar in 2020 and is a member of the India investing team.

Akanksha joined Elevar with 5 years of experience in consulting and impact investing. In her previous role as a portfolio manager with CIIE.CO, an entrepreneurship centre at IIM Ahmedabad, Akanksha managed a portfolio of early stage financial services startups who are creating solutions for the underserved; to those companies, she provided active support on fundraising, financial modeling and strategic partnerships. She transitioned to the impact space by joining the University of Chicago’s International Innovation Corps Program, wherein she helped Social Alpha, a social entrepreneurship initiative of the Tata Trusts, set up their portfolio support processes as a consultant. Akanksha began her career as a consultant with Accenture Strategy where she worked on operational process improvement projects across finance, customer service and production.

Akanksha has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. She enjoys playing basketball, exploring restaurants and her daily meditation routine.

What drew you to apply for a job at Elevar? Why did you join Elevar?

Elevar’s portfolio seems like a curated list of impactful companies. That is what drew me to apply to the company. As far as the question of why I joined, it was based on the intuitive feeling I got in my first meeting with Sandeep. In my professional career of 5 years, no interviewer has ever discussed self awareness and spirituality! The conversation with Sandeep was different, in the sense that it was driven by empathy towards the individual. And I felt this same intuitiveness throughout my interviews with the other team members. This finally helped me decide.

What kind of experience did you have before Elevar?

I started my career as a consultant with Accenture Strategy, working on projects across functions such as process improvement, digital transformation and cost optimization. I knew that I wanted to work with “real” people and create an impact in “real” life situations. So, I moved to the impact space through International Innovation Corps, a UChicago program. During this program, I consulted Social Alpha (a Tata Trusts initiative) on improving their portfolio management processes. After the one year contract, I managed a portfolio of early stage startups as a portfolio manager with CIIE.CO, an entrepreneurship center of IIMA.

Has working at Elevar changed your perspective on things?

Given the entrepreneurial nature of the team, I have come to realize the potential that an individual holds in being able to effect that one change which can benefit the customer segment. Being here has helped me understand that processes are meant to simplify things for humans and not be a prohibitive aspect of our work. And if an individual has the adequate empathy and courage, he or she can bring about a positive change, whatever maybe their title in an organisation.