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Valentin OlivryAssociate, Capital Partnerships

Valentin joined Elevar in 2021 and works on Elevar’s capital raising initiatives and cultivating the firm’s LP and co-investor relationships. 

Valentin has ~10 years of experience working in various organizations, with a focus on leveraging the potential of finance to drive social impact. Prior to Elevar, he worked as a Senior Private Equity Mandate Officer at the European Investment Fund (EIF), the EU’s development finance institution, focusing on Small and Medium Enterprise financing. At the EIF, Valentin focused on raising public and private capital to support EIF’s investment activities in European PE and VC funds. Before EIF, Valentin worked at the World Bank (WB) in Washington DC, where he was part of a team that focused on the design and launch of the WB’s results based financing instrument. Valentin began his career with the US Peace Corps, where he had the pleasure to work in rural Guinea on a number of community development projects.

Valentin holds a Masters degree from Columbia University and a BA degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In his free time, Valentin enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and trying to keep up with his young son. 

Why Elevar?

What immediately drew me to Elevar was the articulation of the Elevar Method and the institutional focus on the customer – those individuals at the base of the societal pyramid who daily make hard choices on how to allocate their wallet share. Having worked in the field of development finance for nearly a decade, I had met my fair share of impact fund managers. However, I have never seen an investment and impact thesis distilled and interwoven so clearly. It was love at first sight! 

What kind of experience did you have before Elevar?

After studying economic development, I started my career at the micro level working with local communities in Guinea through the US Peace Corps. Leveraging that perspective, I switched to much larger organizations by expanding my experience with The World Bank and the European Investment Fund. I have learned a lot from working at such extremes of the spectrum and it also demonstrated the limitations that large institutions face and how firms such as Elevar play a role in driving economic development. 

What is a good day at work like for you?

A good day at work for me is where I can learn something or meet someone new while also contributing to something worthwhile!  

How is Elevar different from the jobs you’ve done before?

It has to be the focus on the end customer. Across my career, I have worked in diverse organizations, however, there hasn’t been this focus on the ultimate beneficiary the way Elevar does it.