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Yash ChandaliaInvestment Analyst

Yash joined Elevar in 2022 and is a part of the India investment team.

Yash brings to Elevar 6+ years of work experience spanning consulting and development. He started his career with a stint at ZS Associates, which was focused on sales and marketing consulting for the healthcare sector. His desire to chase profit and purpose led him to work with Samhita, a development sector consulting firm where he was a part of an intrapreneurial initiative in the water, sanitation and hygiene space. 

Before Elevar, he was working on designing and managing blended finance instruments, first with Social Finance India and then with British Asian Trust – the focus was mainly on skilling and education.

Yash is a mechanical engineer from BITS Pilani with a minor in Politics, Economics & Philosophy. He completed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst course post his graduation. He loves adventure and being outdoors and in his free time, he sings, treks and indulges himself in various sports.

Why Elevar?

I have always wanted to work at the intersection of profit and purpose and Elevar is just the perfect place for me to do that. The inherent scale at which impact can be created through for-profit businesses is very exciting and I can’t miss to highlight what a great opportunity it is to meet highly inspiring and purpose driven entrepreneurs.

What is a good day at work like for you?

A good day is when I know I’ve given my best and I feel extremely satisfied at the end of it for having achieved something meaningful. All the fun & enjoyment after that seems well-earned!

The field visit that made a difference.

During my stint with Samhita we were doing ethnographic research in a remote part of Chandrapur, Maharashtra, where we were staying with families in villages to understand the challenges in sanitation. Once, we were passing through a village and our guide took us to a local’s home for lunch. After a humble meal we were happily on our way. Later we found out, regrettably, that the family did not have lunch so that they could host us! These kinds of hardships can never be fully understood, they can only be experienced. That experience stuck with me and gives a lot of meaning to the work I do.

Things you will be caught doing outside of work.

I will probably be traveling in some remote part of the world, or exercising outdoors or playing some sport – tennis, badminton, ultimate frisbee…I also enjoy singing and listening to different genres of music.