Elevar Podcast

Embark on an exploration of an unseen economic revolution in India. A revolution powered not by the latest buzzwords or trends, but by industrious communities across India. Dive deep into the thriving epicentres of India’s growth, where Sirsa, Kheda, Cuttack, Belgaum, and Bilaspur pulse with vibrancy and immense potential.

Hear the stories of locals and visionary founders of our portfolio companies, such as LEAD, Samunnati, Sarvagram, and CureBay, alongside Team Elevar, as they work in collaboration to drive meaningful change. Witness the incredible transformation of villages into towns and towns into cities.

Join your host Sidin Vadukut, as he takes you on an epic journey, narrating the tales of communities that are shaping the economic future of India in the ‘Elevar Podcast on Industrious Communities’.

Episode 1

Sidin’s first stop is Sirsa, Haryana’s largest district and home to over 1.3 million people. In this episode, Sidin engages with a local from the town and leaders from LEAD School and Elevar Equity. They talk about Sirsa’s transformation from an underdeveloped district to a thriving hub, the prevailing narrative that often neglects opportunities in smaller towns, and how Elevar seeks entrepreneurs with ideas to provide high-quality goods and services to underserved communities.

Episode 2

Sidin’s next stop is Kheda, a district in the westernmost state of Gujarat. Stretching over 4000 sq km, this district is home to more than 2 million people. From limited options in education and farming to a now thriving community with diverse opportunities, Kheda has transformed into a hub of aspirations. In this episode, Sidin engages with local experts and the visionaries behind SarvaGram and Elevar Equity to talk about the unique opportunities that exist in Kheda, ranging from warehouses and logistics to the thriving dairy and hotel industry. This episode also sheds light on Elevar Equity’s innovative approach to addressing challenges by blending both online and offline strategies.

Episode 3

As Sidin continues his exploration of opportunities in different parts of the country, his next destination is Cuttack, in Odisha. As one of the most populous districts, Cuttack is also a prominent education centre and is known for its flourishing trade and agricultural activities. In conversation with the founder of CureBay (a platform in underserved markets that connects patients with healthcare providers) and the visionary behind Elevar Equity, Sidin explores the challenges and solutions associated with transforming healthcare in remote areas. They also discuss the potential of tier two and tier three cities, advocating for greater visibility and investment in these areas.

Episode 4

In this episode, Sidin makes a stop in the southern district of Belgaum in Karnataka. Referred to as the Sugar Bowl of the state, Belgaum encompasses a vast district spanning 12,415 sq. km. Over the recent decades, Belgaum has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a modest locale to a thriving centre of economic activity. In an insightful discussion with the founders of Samunnati and Elevar Equity, alongside local experts from Belgaum, they explore the region’s abundant land and skilled labour, Samunnati’s mission of empowering smallholder farmers and the concept of collective growth.

Episode 5

Sidin’s EPIC journey comes to an end for this season, as he arrives in Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh. Located on the banks of the Arpa River, Bilaspur has a population of over 1.6 million and plays a key role in Chhattisgarh’s economic and developmental landscape. In this episode, Sidin converses with the founder of Cloudphysician about how the company combines expert medical professionals with cutting-edge technology. This approach helps patients in some of India’s smallest towns receive life-saving critical care. He also speaks with local experts and partners from Elevar Equity, who offer insights into the city’s dynamic economic environment. This environment is characterized by an influx of retail chains and startups.


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