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Afluenta comienza a ofrecer financiamiento colectivo en México

Originally appeared in Tyn Magazine on October 13, 2016

Afluenta, a financing company among people in Latin America, announces the beginning of its operations in Mexico. Since October 12, Mexicans can now invest and apply for a credit in a safe and simple way, without requiring a bank as an intermediary.

A year after its launch in Peru, Afluenta continues its expansion in the region, landing in Mexico, thanks to the investment received in early 2016 by the International Finance Corporation, IFC and the investment fund Elevar Equity A total of US $ 8 million.

According to a report presented this year by the IE Business School and the Inter-American Development Bank, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Peru lead the initiatives related to the collaborative economy of Latin America. Mexico has adapted rapidly and increasingly to this innovative concept, so today occupies the second position in collaborative economy after Brazil.

“For Afluenta, Mexico is currently the most relevant country for the collaborative economy, due to the urgent need to transform credit conditions and investment returns into fairer and more transparent securities. Mexico has the immediate potential to migrate to the digital platforms of collective financing between people, which will be a great step that sets us on the right path of regional expansion, offering a solid, innovative and accessible loan model for all Mexicans, ” Said Alejandro Cosentino, CEO of Afluenta.

As an online exchange platform, Afluenta has originated in Argentina more than 140 million pesos. In this country began to operate in 2012 and later extended its service to Peru in 2015 where in a year Afluenta has received requests for loans of more than 58,000 Peruvians, which is a higher figure than the beginnings of Argentina.

“The arrival of Afluenta to Mexico means our greatest challenge in the short life of the company. We believe that we will be a contribution of quality in Mexico due to the quality of the product offer, the strength of our technological development and the stature of its shareholders and its corporate governance, “completed Cosentino.