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LEAD School honoured with the Better Tech 2023 Award by the Global Private Capital Association (GPCA)

Originally appeared in Global Private Capital Association on November 9, 2023

GPCA (which was founded as the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association – EMPEA) in 2004, is an independent membership organisation representing private capital investors who manage more than USD2t in assets across Asia, Latin America, Africa, Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The Deal Awards were introduced to recognise private capital investments with extraordinary outcomes.

LEAD School is an India-based edtech software platform targeting affordable and low-fee K-12 private schools with an integrated digital solution for teacher training, student performance and core curriculum delivery. LEAD currently serves over 9,000 private schools across India, benefiting more than 100,000 teachers and 5 million students. Partner schools have seen a 20% increase in learning outcomes and 25% increase in admissions since leveraging LEAD’s platform. LEAD has enabled schools to double the number of students attaining grade-level mastery in English and close multi-year language learning gaps.  

This Deal Award recognises LEAD’s market leadership and Elevar’s investment to democratise affordable and quality education for every child in India.