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ज़िन्दा जियो – Live Alive

Poem written in Urdu (and translated into English) by Sumeet Mehta, co-founder of LEAD School, on Let’s Elevar 2018*.

ज़िन्दगी एक शिकायत हो सकती है, और एक कहानी भी।
कभी सोच में उलझी हुई, कभी मुंह ज़ुबानी भी।

तकदीर एक वजह हो सकती है और ज़िन्दगी का रेहनुमा भी।
कभी करने की चाहत, कभी ना करने का बहाना भी।

इन्सान मजबूर हो सकता है, थोड़ा मज़लूम भी।
बस हल्का सा कायम, ज़्यादा मरहूम ही।

पर क्या यह हमें मंजूर है, या सोचा ही नहीं?
कुछ करने का फितूर है, या इतना ही सही?

क्यों ना ज़िन्दगी को नया आयाम दें, क्यों ना शिकन को थोड़ा आराम दें?
क्यों ना माज़ी को पोंछ दें, क्यों ना अब नया इतिहास रचें?

मुर्दा बहुत जी लिए, अब जोशीला जीते हैं।
गुर्दा पक्का कर के, कामयाबी पीते हैं।

Life can be a complaint, or a story you author.
Sometimes caught in thoughts, sometimes a verbal matter.

Fate can be a reason or the wind beneath your wings.
Sometimes a call to action, sometimes a spanner in the works.

Man can be a victim, at the mercy of chance.
Sometimes alive, but mostly caught in a trance.

But are we ok with this or have we never considered another reality?
Do we want to do something great, or are we ok with mediocrity?

Why not give a new shape to our life, why not give our complaints a rest?
Why not leave behind the past, why not create a brand new crest?

Enough of the living dead, let’s live a life of unreasonableness.
Let’s strengthen our guts, and drink the elixir of success!

* Let’s Elevar is an event we host every few years where we bring together our entrepreneurs from India and Latin America and curate an atmosphere for them to share their entrepreneurial journeys and learn from one another.

‘Elevar’ is Spanish for ‘elevate’, ‘raise’ or ‘lift’ and our title for the event ‘Let’s Elevar’ exemplifies the spirit of the work that we do and our intention to ‘Elevar’ the possibilities for our customer, and the economies in which we invest.