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Goodbye to 21/8, Craig Park Layout

This week, the Elevar team in India shifted to a new office space in Bangalore – one that is reflective of our growing team and ambitions. With that, we bid goodbye to a beautiful bungalow that we had made our workspace for the past decade or so – a place that has created a lasting impression in the minds of almost every person visiting it. Many wonderful memories were created here, and milestones crossed. 

When Aditya Kumar, Founder and CEO of Niro, an Elevar investee company, heard about this, he declared that there was no way we were leaving without a befitting farewell to this space. So on 27th July, we had an impromptu evening get-together  – the last one at 21/8, Craig Park Layout – co-hosted by Aditya and Shikha from the Elevar team. We invited people who have visited this office and have memories associated with it – the Elevar team, ex-Elevarians, entrepreneurs we have backed, advisors, consultants and other friends of Elevar.

By 5 PM, the food and drinks counter had been set up, and we were ready to roll!

People started trickling in at around 6 PM, with many from the Elevar alumni network dropping in to meet old friends and share memories – we had alumni coming in from as far back as 2009! Entrepreneurs from the portfolio included Samit Ghosh from Ujjivan (a company we exited fully in 2022), Ramki and Brahma from Vistaar (we exited in 2023), Steve and Brajesh from Varthana, Anish and Mini from Peepul Tree, Dileep and Dhruv from Cloudphysician, and Aditya and Sankalp from Niro.

There was a lot of laughter and reminiscing, with almost everyone sharing an interesting story about their time in this office, especially the ex-Elevarians who eventually moved to a conference room to share funny anecdotes and banter with the partners, just like old times at the Elevar lunch table.

It was a gathering full of warmth, reconnections and shared memories. Indeed, a fitting goodbye to this workspace that we have called home for so long. 

And now, we look to the future – onward and upward.