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Alma GutierrezVice President, Investments

Alma Gutierrez joined Elevar Equity at the beginning of 2020 as part of the LATAM investing team.

Alma has more than 5 years of experience in the Private Equity industry playing different roles from fundraising, sourcing, deal structuring, asset management and portfolio performance reporting to LPs. Before joining Elevar Equity, Alma was part of the Renewable Power team in the BlackRock London office and then joined the sustainable investing strategy team for BlackRock Alternatives Investors, where she led different impact, sustainable and ESG reporting initiatives across global teams.

She started her career in a Mexican Infrastructure Private Equity fund (later acquired by BlackRock), where she led performance reporting, managed the operations and financial performance of one of the assets under the portfolio and was also the Mexico office ambassador for the company’s philanthropy program. During this time, she was also the Village Capital liaison with BlackRock where she served as coordinator advisor to fintech startups in Mexico during 2016 and 2017.

Alma holds an MBA from the University of Oxford, in which she focused on impact investing. She holds a BS in Actuarial Sciences from Universidad Anahuac in Mexico. Alma has a special love for dogs, enjoys running, dancing, spending time with her husband and pet, loves cooking and wants to travel the world.

What are the most and the least favourite parts of your job?

My favourite part is having meaningful discussions, whether it is to decide continuing with a new deal, continuing with an existing one or addressing upcoming investment strategies for the firm. The least favourite part is dealing with manual data cross checking – not a big deal, but it just takes the fun away from the rest of the work!

How is Elevar different to the jobs you’ve done before?

The difference is being naturally concerned for what the investment money is ultimately creating. This obsession with the end-customer is real. Engaging with the end-customer provided me a new perspective that I had not experienced before.

How would you describe what you do at Elevar?

I provide financial and analytical insights to help the team make better investing decisions. I am responsible for organizing and analyzing the financial and impact-related information of existing deals in the portfolio in order to execute and manage projects accordingly.