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Matias LanusInvestment Director

Matias joined Elevar in 2019 and is a member of the Latin America investing team.

Matias has nine years of working experience across entrepreneurship, operations and investing. Prior to joining Elevar, he was an investment professional at EnDriven, an infrastructure investing fund focused on energy in Latin America. Prior to that he was a logistics manager at P&G where he led a team of production planning, sourcing planning and new initiatives.

Previously, Matias co-founded Blackbird, a door to door transportation and commercialization company, focused on small and medium fruit producers.

Matias has volunteered in Sierra Leone, where he spent six months collaborating with an agro-related social enterprise; in India where he spent a month in Mother Teresa’s house of charity; and in Argentina where, while completing his engineering studies, he led a charity group that empowered leaders of small rural communities.

Matias has an MBA from Stanford University where he also earned a certificate of public management and social innovation. He holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Buenos Aires University. Matias is passionate about exploring new places and cultures, and loves road-trips with his wife and his children.

What drew you to apply for a job at Elevar? Why did you join Elevar?

While completing my MBA, I had made a list of 40 funds to apply to. I wanted to combine my passion for investing and entrepreneurship and my purpose for doing good. Elevar was my first choice — I saw, in Elevar, a perfect combination of traditional investing and an innovative impact approach. I talked to many of the employees and recognized very smart people with a bottom-up approach at their core. So, I joined Elevar. 

What makes for a good Elevarian?

A good Elevarian should be humble and have an open mind to learn. Learn from our end customers in the field visits, from entrepreneurs. Learn from our coworkers that you have plenty of years left in this journey. But after you learn, curious and courageous enough to challenge the status quo and have your own view. A good Elevarian seeks perfection, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously. A good Elevarian loves people!

How would you describe what you do at Elevar?

As I tell my kids: we support great people so that they can continue creating things that other people need.