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Nilay ChandraInvestment Director

Nilay joined Elevar in 2024 as an Investment Director on the India investment team. 

He brings 17 years of rich experience in various operational roles, working with Indian, multinational corporations, as well as both mature and early-stage startups. Before Elevar, Nilay’s experience spans Bosch, Wipro Consumer Care, GlaxoSmithKline CH, Flipkart, and the early-stage startup, Ather Energy. 

Most recently, Nilay played a key role in Ather Energy, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and shaping India’s electric two-wheeler market for over 8 years. At Ather, he led the scooter and charging infrastructure business and also built the marketing, sales, business intelligence, growth, and consumer experience verticals. Beyond business, he possesses expertise in talent acquisition, culture, and process improvement, thereby experiencing various facets of a company’s growth stages.

Previously, in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, Nilay was instrumental in the development of customer-centric brands and extensions of Horlicks and Santoor. He leveraged data-driven customer insights and inspiring storytelling to build memorable brands. His FMCG experience, particularly in rural markets, enabled him to deeply connect with the heartland. This understanding and connection were crucial in the successful development of new products for this segment. 

Nilay holds an MBA from SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai.

What makes for a good Elevarian?

Passionate about enduring change. Resilient. Deeply customer-oriented. Nimble to keep pace with the changing lives of our entrepreneurs and their customers. Deeply inquisitive. Battle-ready in anticipation of the future.

How is Elevar different from the jobs you have done before?

The purpose driving Elevar stands out in its authenticity and its impact on innumerable lives. It is an exciting opportunity to be part of the growth journey of various portfolio companies, gaining insights from their unique challenges. Finally, learning the art of impact investing, a field that is new to me, is exhilarating.

Things you will be caught doing outside of work.

I enjoy playing badminton and solving sudoku. I also love contributing to community initiatives that improve the place we thrive in. When on personal travel, I love tiger trailing, spending time with my family in lesser-known boutique homestays, or enjoying solo trips in the Himalayas. My daughter is my life coach.