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Thangaraj RWorkplace Ops Executive

Thangaraj joined Elevar in 2017 as the Office Administrator in Bangalore.

Prior to joining Elevar, Thangaraj spent 13 years as a customer relationship executive at Fabindia. Fabindia is an Indian chain store retailing garments, furnishings, fabrics and ethnic products handmade by craftspeople across rural India. During his tenure there Thangaraj conducted visual merchandising training for new employees and was involved in the set up of many stores in South India.

At a young age, Thangaraj developed a passion to play golf and golf remains his favorite sport to date. In his downtime, Thangaraj enjoys watching old movies, travelling and cooking.

What is a good day at work like for you?

There’s nothing like a good day for me! I feel happy to work at Elevar, any time.

How is Elevar different to the jobs you’ve done before?

My previous jobs have been completely different from Elevar! Actually, I come from a retails and sales background.

How would you describe what you do at Elevar?

I would describe it as office maintenance.