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Vipul RawalPartner

Vipul is Partner at Elevar and a founding team member at Enmasse. He is responsible for Elevar’s efforts in India and Latin America on customer data and insights, portfolio analytics, tracking fund performance, and market intelligence.

Vipul brings 16+ years of experience spanning agri commodity trading, emerging markets investing and investment banking. Having grown up in a traditional family business embedded in the agri supply chain, Vipul brings invaluable customer perspective to the table. He has been intrinsically involved with the journeys of Elevar’s portfolio companies in India and is popular amongst entrepreneurs for ‘the Vipul spreadsheets’.

Prior to Elevar, Vipul worked with Tholons Capital where he was managing a small fund put together by the founders and also assisted some of the private equity clients of Tholons with their investments. Prior to Tholons, he worked with Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division where he focused on the Financial Institutions Group. Vipul has an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics and Electronics.

Vipul often looks amused with the world, and is a bit like the Ghost that Walks (that’s Phantom for the uninitiated). He has a Black Belt in Karate and is a Karate Coach, younger colleagues new at Elevar have misguidedly challenged him to planks and pushups and learnt the hard way! He loves to teach, is a city farmer, adores his family, and will happily go through life eating bread and cucumber.

What kind of experience did you have before Elevar? 

I have done home tuitions, karate coaching, teaching MS excel, terrace farming, selling salt, a family business at APMC, investment banking, private investing, real estate, chit funds – the list goes on.

What drew you to apply for a job at Elevar? Why did you join Elevar?

The diversity of the team, pioneering impact investing, quality of team and entrepreneurs.

What is a good day at work like for you?

Buzzing with portfolio activity and inspiring customers stories

What makes for a good Elevarian?

Working as a team to drive impact delivery

Has working at Elevar changed your perspective on things?

Expanded the world view significantly

Reflections on the nature of entrepreneurship.

Self start vehicle for a journey.

Things you will be caught doing outside of work.

Playing with the kids from my larger family, spending time at the APMC, raising funds and volunteering for various social causes.

How would you describe what you do at Elevar?

Connecting dots, finding patterns, portfolio construction and allocations, helping portfolio companies.