Elevar backs extraordinary entrepreneurs
who serve disconnected communities.

Ramakrishna & Brahmanand Vistaar Finance

“Vistaar specializes exclusively in providing credit to rural and semi-urban small businesses.”

Samit Ghosh Ujjivan Financial Services

“Ujjivan is one of the most respected and the largest urban-focused microfinance institution in India.”

Dr. Sabahat Azim Glocal Healthcare

“Glocal provides quality, affordable, patient-centric healthcare services to rural India.”

Francisco Vizcaya Finae

“FINAE provides education loans to low income and lower-middle income students in Mexico pursuing advanced studies.”

Steve Hardgrave & Brajesh Mishra Varthana

“Varthana provides infrastructure and project loans to help affordable private school entrepreneurs grow and improve their schools.”

Gino Picasso GloboKasNet

“GloboKasNet’s vision is to turn into reality the economic and social inclusion of any person, anywhere, without regard to distance or population density.”

Tara Thiagarajan Madura Microfinance

“Madura is a highly efficient, customer focused microfinance institution that serves economically active, rural women in Tamil Nadu.”

Rosanna Ramos-Velita Caja Rural Los Andes

“Los Andes vision is to create a leading microfinance institution of scale, and the preeminent provider of financial services in Peru’s rural market.”

Sanjay Chaturvedi & Ajay Oak Shubham Housing Finance

“Shubham provides home improvement and new home loans to low income individuals and families in urban and semi-urban India.”

Andy Altena Union Andina

“Union Andina is an innovative company offering housing purchase and finance solutions to migrant workers from Latin America.”

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Elevar Equity is a thesis based investor focused on generating outstanding investment returns by delivering essential services to disconnected communities underserved by global networks. Connecting these communities will greatly expand the global networks and drive worldwide economic growth over the next decade.

We back entrepreneurs who deliver innovative market-based solutions that provide valued services to millions of customers. Our entrepreneurs provide massively scalable essential services, tailored explicitly to the needs of their customers to build lasting companies and foster economic development. Our thematic investing has catalysed billions of dollars of capital for millions of customers in order to democratize essential services.

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