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Meet an EPIC Entrepreneur: Priyadarshi Mohapatra, CureBay

We at Elevar Equity have long held the view that brands for Entrepreneurial Households in underserved Industrious Communities need to be custom-designed. This is where having a ‘pulse’ of the market and customer-centricity, including the end customer’s decision-making process, needs, and aspirations, becomes imperative. 

Priyadarshi (Priyo) Mohapatra, Co-Founder at CureBay, brings over 25 years of experience in building customer-centric businesses at companies like Google, Microsoft, SAP, Avaya, Sun Microsystems, and Titan. His first entrepreneurial venture, Oyzterbay, was acquired by Fossil. Priyo’s approach to building CureBay reflects a deep understanding of the perception versus reality of healthcare for underserved communities. His vision for CureBay, a digital healthcare platform, was to revolutionize the last-mile delivery of affordable and high-quality healthcare in medically underserved regions. Its services cover doctor consultations, medicine purchases, lab tests, surgery, annual health membership, and a concierge service, which ensures complete support to patients from admission to discharge. CureBay’s mission goes beyond mere connectivity and extends to assistance with medical procedures, emotional support, and continual companionship with the patients.

Under Priyo’s leadership, the discipline in execution is evident. Since its inception in 2021, CureBay’s hybrid healthcare and fulfillment model has been launched in more than 18 districts across Odisha. The company has established a network of over 120 eClinics and collaborated with more than 315 service providers serving more than 175,000 patients across Odisha, Chattisgarh, and Jharkhand. Priyo’s commitment to enabling last-mile distribution of quality healthcare services and his ambition to improve the lives of millions of Entrepreneurial Households through CureBay’s full-stack platform highlights his contributions as an #EPICEntrepreneur. Dive deeper into Priyo’s journey in this interview and check out Episode 5 of the Elevar podcast.

Finally, at Elevar Equity, our entrepreneurs prioritize building businesses that customers value, as their satisfaction is inextricably linked to driving scale. We believe this is the path to building enduring and sustainable organizations that create long-lasting impact for multiple generations of Entrepreneurial Households.