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The Elevar Method (e.MTM)

Businesses that can profitably scale and make a lasting impact on low income communities, can seem impossible. Yet, we are obsessed with finding, and funding, entrepreneurs who have the ambition to build exactly that type of high-momentum business – an e.M business that can fuel the economic resilience and vibrancy of low income communities.

What do we mean by e.M companies?

Canasta Rosa
Invested 2019

Canasta Rosa’s online platform enables individual, micro and small entrepreneurs, typically women working out of their homes in Mexico, expand the market reach of their products.

In Mexico, only 19% of the MSMEs have an online sales platform in a market where 75% of the internet users made an online purchase.

Invested 2019

SarvaGram is a household centric, predictive distribution platform catering to the financial aspirations of rural households. The uniqueness in SarvaGram’s approach comes from the strong link between financial services / other propositions and the household’s income generation / asset creation capabilities.

The total addressable market in the context of rural households is expected to exceed $10 trillion over the next decade

Invested 2017

Wheels provides a range of affordable solutions that drive mobility for working families, through financing, lifecycle management, and a transparent marketplace for two wheelers.

Mobility is a strong driver of employability in low-income communities and India is one of the world’s largest markets for pre-owned two-wheelers, estimated at over 12 million units per year.