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The Elevar Method (e.MTM)

Businesses that can profitably scale and make a lasting impact on low income communities, can seem impossible. Yet, we are obsessed with finding, and funding, entrepreneurs who have the ambition to build exactly that type of high-momentum business – an e.M business that can fuel the economic resilience and vibrancy of low income communities.

What do we mean by e.M companies?

Invested 2022

Fairplay supports the growth of e-commerce SMBs by fueling working capital for their performance marketing campaigns, inventory and logistics costs with a flexible, fast and friendly product. Fairplay uses data from the merchants’ online selling platforms and develops forecasting algorithms that allow it to predict performance, underwrite the merchants and offer personalized and flexible products to them. In addition to financial products, the platform also offers the merchants insights into their operation, trends, and market intelligence – a service that is currently unavailable on other platforms.

~68% of the working capital needs of most e-commerce companies are inventory, customer acquisition / marketing, and logistics cost. They often end up having to choose between these activities, as access to capital and funding is almost non-existent until SMBs reach a sizable scale – traditional fintech and banks are not designed / prepared to underwrite digital SMBs’ financial needs based on performance. This lack of funding can have a significant impact on business growth.

Invested 2019

SarvaGram is India’s first household centric, data-science led distribution platform that provides a bouquet of financial and productivity-enhancing offerings to meet the growing aspirations of rural India. The uniqueness in SarvaGram’s approach comes from the strong link between financial services / other propositions and the household’s income generation / asset creation capabilities.

The total addressable market in the context of rural households is expected to exceed $10 trillion over the next decade.

Invested 2015

Indifi helps MSMEs thrive and grow by providing a technology based platform to bridge the critical financing gaps faced by this segment.

65% of MSME borrowers in India do not have access to institutional credit.