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The Elevar Method (e.MTM)

Businesses that can profitably scale and make a lasting impact on low income communities, can seem impossible. Yet, we are obsessed with finding, and funding, entrepreneurs who have the ambition to build exactly that type of high-momentum business – an e.M business that can fuel the economic resilience and vibrancy of low income communities.

What do we mean by e.M companies?

Invested 2020

Favo is disrupting the retail model in Latin America by becoming the first and largest community group buying company in the region. Currently operating in Brazil and Peru, Favo is an online supermarket leveraging community leaders who are responsible for customer management, customer aggregation and sales management.

For an average household in the region, it is estimated that food and transportation represent between 45% to 55% of the expenses for the low and middle income population.

Invested 2015

Indifi helps MSMEs thrive and grow by providing a technology based platform to bridge the critical financing gaps faced by this segment.

65% of MSME borrowers in India do not have access to institutional credit.

Invested 2015

Samunnati empowers smallholder farmers and agricultural enterprises by providing access to markets through financial intermediation, market linkages and advisory services.

The estimated credit potential in India for a few top value chains in Samunnati’s portfolio is over $30 billion.


Samunnati – aspiring to define the next generation of Indian agriculture