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Meet an EPIC Entrepreneur:
Dr. Dileep Raman, Cloudphysician

At Elevar, we believe entrepreneurship and capital form a transformative combination when directed responsibly toward addressing the issues of access and inequity faced by underserved customers and Entrepreneurial Households™. #EPIC Entrepreneurs best understand Entrepreneurial Households. 

Elevar entrepreneurs have a myriad of unique attributes crucial for creating large-scale, enduring businesses. However, one of their notable characteristics is an unwavering focus on the customer. This customer-centricity is central to the nature of the company.

Together with Team Enmasse, we highlight those pushing the boundaries of innovation to create solutions that drive economic growth and fuel the aspirations of Entrepreneurial Households. 

In the first “Meet an EPIC Entrepreneur” series, dive into a dialogue with Dr. Dileep Raman, the Co-Founder and Chief of Healthcare at Cloudphysician, a company transforming critical and intensive care in India’s smaller towns and cities. This commitment to making a tangible impact in people’s lives led Dileep to travel throughout India to understand the challenges of critical care on the ground and then to consider how to bring world-class care to the bedside.

In this interview, Dileep describes the Cloudphysician platform’s capability to deliver world-class and critical life-saving care in medically underserved areas.  He recounts an instance of how expert individuals and cutting-edge technology are providing high-quality cost-effective critical care. 

Please also listen to Dileep expounding on the demand for quality and excellence from hospitals in Tier 2 and 3 cities and what all entrepreneurs should prioritize in Episode 5 of the Elevar podcast.